Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Exploring the Flute with Peter Sheridan (April 6-10, 2015)

Flutes by the Score is pleased to present a week of Flute Workshops, Ensembles, Masterclasses and Private Lessons with Peter Sheridan, Low Flutes Specialist from Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Sheridan is an eclectic performer, musician, and educator who is passionate about new music, the flute family, and flute choir. I hope that will take the time to experience all the gifts that this great artists has to offer, and register for one or both of our workshops. As well, Mr. Sheridan will be featuring his low flutes at Groundswell's concert, entitled, "Music for a Lost Planet - New Depths in Low Flutes" brought to you by Winnipeg curator and composer, Diana McIntosh. Groundswell will be giving an $8.00 discount to every flutist who registers for a workshop and/or lesson.

As the director of Flutes by the Score, it is my pleasure to offer you these chances to meet Peter Sheridan and learn from his array of skills. Peter and I met at the Inaugural Canadian Flute Convention in 2013, and I promise that you are in for a treat. I am especially delighted for the support he will be bringing to the low flute sections of our growing number of Winnipeg Flute Choirs, but there will be plenty of inspiration for sopranos too! Every type of flute will have a part in the flute choir sight reading sessions. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Monica Bailey

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