Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pender Island Flute Retreat

Exploring the physical, emotional and mental aspects of flute performing and pedagogy.

The Pender Island Flute Retreat presents a unique opportunity for professional and advanced University flutists to reach new heights in performance and teaching through the integration of musical and personal development.

The combination of an encouraging, compassionate, non-competitive environment, brilliant teaching and a beautiful ocean front setting creates the opportunity to experience the mystery and magic of music on a profound level.

PIFR is designed to address not only how we teach our students but also how we teach ourselves. It is a wonderful opportunity at PIFR to learn from one of the great pedagogues of our time, William Bennett (Wibb). Set pieces this year: JS Bach Partita and Syrinx.

Lorna McGhee will speak on "Prosody", the syllabic rhythm of language, exploring how it underpins our sense of phrasing in music. It is only by inflecting every note with meaning that we begin to come close to the expressiveness of the human voice. Without this inflection, beautiful tone and colours are simply decorative. By combining them, music becomes a living language. Lorna will also offer technique classes - based on what she observed in Masterclasses throughout each day as well as a one-one 30 minute to address speecifc concerns. Lorna will work in tandem with her Alexander Technique teacher, Dr.Gabriella Minnes-Brandes in Masterclass to help participants unlock more of their expressive potential. Set piece: Karg-Elert #30 "Chaconne".

For more information, please visit Application deadline: March 1, 2015

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